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DOB – 12th July 2014
Rehomed – Owner moved into apartment
Bestie – Elvis
Finn is an absolutely beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat, who we have rehomed after his owner couldn’t take him to their new apartment. Norwegian Forest Cats continue to grow until they are 5, so this big boy will get bigger.
Finn loves hanging out on his Urbanphur Krib. He just hangs out watching what’s going on, and if you’re interesting enough, he will come and investigate and have a wee play with you.



DOB – 15 Nov 2015
Rehomed – Family weren’t allowed pets in their rental
Title – Rug Warmer
Bestie – Clyde

Verne is our elder statesman, and the oldest in the Café.
Verne is a Munckin Cat, which doesn’t mean he is cross between a Dachshund and a Cat. His short legs are due to a genetic mutation, which doesn’t hurt, or harm him in any way.
Verne loves hanging out in high places – we are never sure how he gets up to half of them. Verne has the most beautiful Blue Coat, and his lovely yellow eyes make him a bit of a heart breaker. He sits like a Meerkat at times to make sure he has a ‘cats eye view’ of the area.
While Verne is really friendly, we ask that you don’t pick him up, he doesn’t like to be held much, but does love a pat. Please be very careful when walking around, as Verne can just suddenly appear at your feet – the perfect trip hazard.



DOB – 24 Jan 2016
Breeder Osiris (V) & Chat d’Or Abyssinia’s
Title – Comedian
Bestie – Jerry

Tom and his half-brother, Jerry, graduated from the Cat Circus at just 12 weeks old. They can do all sorts of tricks and get up to mischief like you wouldn’t believe. If we can’t find Tom, we look on top of Curtain Rails, book shelves or pictures. He really can get anywhere. Tom is happiest when he has someone who is doing interesting things to follow and watch. He is super friendly, but very hungry. He will purr round your feet looking for a little bit of food. Please don’t feed him any though – or he won’t be able to reach his favourite hiding places.



DOB – 25 Jan 2016
BreederOsiris (V) & Chat d’Or Abyssinia’s
Title – Comedian
Bestie – Tom

Jerry and his half-brother, Tom, form our Abyssinian Dream Team. Jerry is a little quieter than Tom, but by no means shy. He does prefer more conventional sleeping arrangements, and can often be found on a comfy bed next to a light. We think he likes to see who’s coming. Jerry is a little cuddlier than Tom, and will snuggle for a bit longer. However, these boys need to be roaming and getting up to mischief. They are most fun showing off their talents, climbing walls on their UrbanPhur furniture, and running over the grass walkway.



DOB – 7 Mar 2016
BreederMiakoschka Zakhur
Title – The Brains
Bestie – Bonnie

Boris is a beautiful Siberian boy.

The interesting fact with Siberians is that they are Hypoallergenic. This means that less people are likely to be allergic to a Siberian, than a regular cat. However, as we have lots of cats, we can’t prove this, so if you are allergic, Boris advises to take an allergy tablet.

Boris is the shyest of the cats we have, but he is slowly coming out of his shell. Allow him to approach you, or speak to him if he is hanging out. Please do not pick him up.

Boris earned his reputation of having the brains of the outfit, when we only had 3 kittens. Bonnie and Clyde were in a room, and would stay there. Boris arrived and within an hour, they had all escaped. He is a watcher, and will pull some stunts when you least expect it. It’s always the quiet ones…



DOB – 17 March 2016
BreederRolypoly Ragdolls
Title – Good Girl Gone Bad
Bestie – Boris

Everyone knows the story of Bonnie and Clyde – 2 beautiful people caught up in a world of crime. This is so true with our Ragdolls, Bonnie and Clyde.
They are the most beautiful Ragdolls you will ever see. They have the most beautiful eyes, their coats are as soft as silk and their purrs are mesmerising. They love a cuddle, and will happily cuddle up for hours. Then it’s play time. Bonnie and Clyde LOVE their playtime, but can get quite rough with each other. It’s not unusual to see marks where they have clobbered one another.
By all accounts – just like their namesakes…
They love being picked up and cuddled.
Bonnie is a little sweetheart and will no doubt melt your heart.



DOB – 17 March 2016
Breeder Rolypoly Ragdolls
Title – The Fav Bad Boy
Bestie – Verne

Clyde lives up to his name, just as well as Bonnie.
His eyes are mesmerising, his coat so soft and his purr so catching. He is the ultimate Cuddle Machine. Nothing makes Clyde happier than a decent cuddle. He will show his appreciation by purring so loudly, you will feel it in the souls of your feet. As long as you are prepared to cuddle, he will cuddle up to you.
He really is a sook. However, like Bonnie, playtime will come, and look out everyone. Clyde loves his rough and tumble with Bonnie, but also his best friend Verne. Clyde will grow up to be much bigger than Verne, but we are sure they will remain Best Buddies.
Clyde love cuddles, being picked up and any love and affection.



DOB – 10 April 2016
BreederFull of Charm Maine Coons
Title – Gentle Giant Love Machine
Bestie – Everyone & Anyone

George is a Maine Coon, thought to be the largest Domestic Bred Cat available in Australia. While he is still only young, you can tell from his feet that he is going to be a very big boy! George is named after the legendary George Jopson, of Wanaka, NZ. Both George’s share the same amazing personality and super friendly demeanour.

Have a close look at our George’s eyes. They are ‘odd eyes’. One is Blue, the other Amber. It all adds to his appeal!

George is very laid back, and will get to everything in his own time. He loves to hang out, play, cuddle and smooch. He doesn’t go at the same speed as some of the other cats, but when you are going to be as big as him, you don’t need to impress anyone.



DOB – 25th April 2016
RehomedDue to allergies
Title – King Ranga
Bestie – Vicki (Cool Cat)

Jimmy is a legend, which has many names.
Jimmy Cat, Jimmy The Cat, JTC, James Cat – The list goes on. Jimmy is named after a legendary Ginger in Inverbervie, Scotland. Big Jimmy belongs to Neil’s Brother’s neighbour (his real name is O’Malley – from Aristocrats). He is affectionate, demanding, knows what he likes and how to treat a human to get the best out of them.
Our little Jimmy has managed to copy this to the letter. He can be a bit of a bully to the other cats, he goes where he wants and does whatever he fancies. He is a proper ‘Jimmy’ cat. He is the proud owner of the second loudest meow, and loves a good snuggle. Careful if you have bare feet too – Jimmy loves a wee pounce on them! If you are looking for Jimmy, just watch the chaos , and he won’t be too far away. Jimmy loves cuddles & lots of affection.



DOB – 3 May 2016
Rehomed -She was an unwanted gift
Title – Bossy Boots
Bestie – Savvi

Little Lena is a Manx Cat, which means she has no tail. What she has instead though, is a pair of back legs that are longer than her front ones. This makes her super fast, and when she is grown, will be able to jump big distances.
She behaves like a Princess, but will remind you that she is there with a swift Meow – the loudest of the Group.
She adores a cuddle and the attention, and loves to play with the feather toys. Watch out though – she is fast. If you pick her up, please do so from small heights so she doesn’t hurt herself if she jumps off.
If Lena isn’t on the go, you will generally find her somewhere very warm and cozy. Look at where people have been sitting and anything furry, she won’t be too far away.



DOB – 3 Aug 2016
Rehomed – Gifted as a present
Title – Stoor Hobbit
Bestie – Bert and Elvis

Also known as ‘Pommy Pete’ because of his English heritage, Pete is one of our newest residents.
Pete is a Devon Rex, which is almost a cross between a Hairless Cat, and a normal cat! Pete feels really soft and velvety and is like a little furness. He’s always really warm.

Pete loves to play and is also a pretty good runner on the big wheel. He loves to join in with the other cats when they are on the wheel, but often runs in the wrong direction. We love Petes unique look. We don’t let him hear, but we sometimes call him Gollum. This is obviously in love though as he is such an amazingly friendly little cat. We think he’s
the real definition of cute – “attractive in an endearing way”!



DOB – 1 Sept 2016
Breeder: Brampets Burmese Cats
Title – Mr. Bump
Bestie – Pete and Elvis

Bert is our resident clumsy cat. He could even trip up his own shadow! It’s not uncommon to see Bert walking along the back of a sofa and then you see him falling off. This is usual for Burmese cats. He makes up for this with his good looks and his sparkling personality!!

Burmese Cats come in a range of colours and our Bert is a very rare Lilac Burmese. We think this makes him look like a teddy bear. He really is just too cute. Bert loves playing with the other cats, especially Pete and Elvis. If you watch him when he’s playing, he does a very good ‘Thriller’ dance. He would have been great in that video.
We are sure that he will want to dress up as that for next Halloween.